Can an Executor Sell a House without Beneficiaries Approving it in Arizona?

Can an Executor Sell a House Without Beneficiaries Approving it in Phoenix? Executors play vital roles in the distribution of assets according to the terms outlined in a will or trust. They ensure that beneficiaries receive their distributions and that outstanding debts or taxes are paid. Selling a house without the approval of an estate’s […]

Housing Inventory in Phoenix

The spring housing market in Phoenix shows its third straight month of positive housing market data for what many analysts are calling the hottest real estate market in the country. The housing charts are, therefore, showing fewer inventories. This metric is a standard bellwether of a seller’s market, and no one would argue that the […]

How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Phoenix

In many US cities, gentrification has been a dominant force for stimulation. It can revitalize the economy and enhance once blighted neighborhoods. It has, however, also caused home prices to increase to the point where they become unaffordable. Like many other cities throughout the country, Phoenix has not been immune from the often-exorbitant price increases […]

Are Homes in Phoenix Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash?

Are Phoenix Homes Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash? It’s always sweltering here in the Valley of the Sun, but as we approach the high season for the housing market, buyers and sellers will be doing more than just gauging the weather. They’re also going to be assessing the house market heat index. […]