I’m Getting Divorced in Arizona. Do I Have to Sell My House?

No one plans on having a divorce. That’s why those that do end up getting divorced have tons of unanswered questions and concerns about how the process works. Chief among these concerns is whether a divorce means that you need to sell your home. Naturally, the biggest shared asset between partners is of great importance. […]

The Secret to Selling Your Home Fast in Phoenix

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast in Phoenix

Being in a situation where you need to sell your house fast is exceptionally challenging. As with anything that’s a two way street, buyers and sellers must appropriately address each other’s wants and needs on some level. That means that in order to get a fair offer a seller must demonstrate the value of their […]

How to Sell a Vacant Home in Phoenix

How to Sell a Vacant Home in Phoenix

If you’ve already moved out of your home in Phoenix but haven’t sold it yet, you need to work fast. Rising costs, violation infringements, increased risk of crime, and a spiraling selling price mean you need to sell your vacant house as quickly as possible. By mid-year 2016 over 200 vacant homes in Phoenix were reported for […]

Most Common Home Health Hazards in Phoenix

Dangers in Your Home

Throughout the United States, hidden dangers loom within the homes of millions. However, many home owners are either blissfully unaware of them or willfully ignorant. What exactly are we talking about? Home health hazards. There’s a chance they’re in your home as well, you just haven’t realized it yet. We’re here to reveal what the […]

What Happens to a Condemned House in Phoenix?

A house in Phoenix is condemned after the government has determined that it is no longer fit to inhabit. This usually happens as a result of unsafe housing code violations. Hundreds of vacant homes are reported for violations in Phoenix every year, but actual condemnations are relatively uncommon in the metro area. Scottsdale, for example, […]

Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Phoenix Home?

Is foundation shifting affecting your Phoenix home?

The foundation of your home is incredibly important. It’s the first part of a home to be built, and it supports every other component involved in the building process. Naturally, ensuring that the finest craftsmanship is used to build a foundation is paramount. The concrete must be free of voids, the base compacted correctly, and […]

Your Rights During a Foreclosure in Arizona

These Are Your Rights During Foreclosure

Is foreclosure on the horizon for you? This a frightening realization for most, but it doesn’t mean you’re bound to lose your home. The foreclosure process is relatively complex, and thus many homeowners don’t fully understand the steps involved, how much time they have left in their home, or their rights. In this post we explain […]

Will Tiny Homes Take Over Phoenix?

Are Tiny Homes Becoming More Popular

What’s the next big thing in Phoenix real estate? Apparently it’s tiny houses. Tiny homes have seen a major spike in popularity in recent times, leaving many totally dumbfounded. We’re here to tell you how tiny houses are gaining traction and why you might want to consider going against the norm as well. Changing Times […]

2017 Real Estate Outlook for Phoenix

Phoenix Real Estate Forecast

As the sun begins to set on an eventful 2016, it’s the perfect moment to reflect and analyze how 2017 might turn out. In particular, what will the state of the Phoenix real estate market be in 2017, and how will home values be affected? 2016 was certainly a great year for the Phoenix real […]