Fall Home Selling Tips

Fall Home Selling Tips Phoenix The fall is a fantastic time to buy and sell in Arizona. As temperatures cool, more local buyers are looking, and more buyers come to town. We’re talking about snowbirds and vacation buyers. This is also a perfect time of year as there’s more inventory of available homes coming on […]

Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood

Abandoned House in Your Phoenix Neighborhood If you live in a neighborhood with abandoned properties, you’re dealing with more than mere neighborhood eyesores. Abandoned houses can decrease property values and be a sign that higher welfare levels might be imminent in the community. Abandoned houses can be symptoms of economic forces that are making themselves […]

Mortgage Default Rate in Arizona

Every day, thousands of Phoenix homeowners face foreclosure. While average mortgage default rates are dropping nationwide, some cities are seeing a worrisome increase. If you’ve missed a mortgage payment, you need to act now, before your mortgage goes into default. Is It Mortgage Delinquency, Mortgage Default, or Foreclosure? Missing a mortgage payment doesn’t automatically send […]

Can an Executor Sell a House without Beneficiaries Approving it in Arizona?

Can an Executor Sell a House Without Beneficiaries Approving it in Phoenix? Executors play vital roles in the distribution of assets according to the terms outlined in a will or trust. They ensure that beneficiaries receive their distributions and that outstanding debts or taxes are paid. Selling a house without the approval of an estate’s […]